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Rwenzori National Park Accommodation, Lodges, Hotels, B&B Camps

Where to stay to Rwenzori National Park

Ruboni Community Camp

This camp gives you the best choice between a contained Banda, the furnished rooms with the natural finishing to hire and pitch your own tent, both of these options are with hot showers. Each of the bed is also fitted well with the mosquito net and these rooms are lit with hydroelectric power that gives you a chance of charging the gadgets.

As you spend your time at this camp, you will enjoy the beautiful sounds of the bubbling streams as well as the views of the Rwenzori peaks from your different rooms or the restaurant veranda. You can also enjoy the pan fried Tilapia with a side chapatti plus the guacamole as you sit back and enjoy the cool mountain air. The bandas also contain 1 bed room and can accommodate over 4 people and has a bath room. You can also pay for this camp from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The restaurant is so favourite with the locals and it serves breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as variety of snacks. The bar also serves both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic beverages. The restaurant is also nice to both international and local tourists and it’s a place that is near to nature and located between the hills with good views of the high Renzori Mountains. Staying here will give you an opportunity of relaxing and meeting with the community members during the tours in the villages as you participate in the local community life.

Tours Holiday Inn

This camp is situated on the main road towards the Nyakalejija about 2km in Ibanda trading centre. This hotel can also accommodate over 40 guests in 15 rooms that are self-contained as well as the extension building. This place was recently repaired and the rooms that are not self-contained have got private toilets. Each room has also got a water heater and the electricity is stable from the public electricity supply. Leaving the main building, there is also an extension that is situated behind the gardens with an extra capacity of over five self-contained rooms.

The whole place is bounded by a beautiful gardens with plants as well as flowers. Just from the entrance, there is an operational bar that serves the inn visitors. Inside the hotel, you will find the cozy as well as private dining room for breakfast and restaurant. There is a unique electrical coffee espresso machine that gives the best coffee ever.

The Equator Snow Lodge

By 2012, the lodge was still under construction and but now the lodge was opened and it’s among the five star accommodation in the area. It was built by the Geo lodges Uganda. This lodge has got a great dinning and restaurant halls that are decorated with the images and history of the Rwenzori. Its main feature is the many number of cottages, with the raised wooden platform and a construction with local stones. It looks like the structure of Serena Ngorongoro Lodge in Tanzania. Its bathrooms are so spacious with the windows that overlook the forest. Its main cottage is completed with a raised veranda where you can breathe and feel the mountains that are around you. This lodge is situated near the entrance gate of Rwenzori mountain National park

The Mihunga Safari Lodge

This lodge was opened in 2010 and it has got over 5 self-contained, wooden cottages. It’s situated after Nyakalenjija in Mihunga village as you also continue in the direction of the national park gate on the right side. This lodge is also owned by the Rwenzori Mountaineering services and these are the same that manage the huts along the central circuit. The dining hall and the restaurant is so big and the kitchen gives continental food as well as the local food. Electricity and hot water is also provided in the evening with a stand by generator.the reservation for this lodge are made through Rwenzori Mountaineering services.

Rwenzori Turaco View Campsite

This campsite is a new lodge and gives a restaurant, bar, three rooms in the bandas and the campsite. This camp is run by the community and co-owened by Mr John Buluku, its location is in Mihunga village and the campsite has eco-san toilets and the showers. The restaurant also offers Ugandan food and is cooked in a traditional way. It has the best around in the region.