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Birding in Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Rwenzori Mountain National park vaunts a total of 217 species of birds recognized. 8 of these are limited to species of the albertine endemics which is only second to Bwindi impenetrable forest that has 24 restricted range species of the birds. Rwenzori mountain national park has got 60 of which 86 afro tropical highland biome species and is second to Bwindi impenetrable forest. These also include; Rwenzori Turaco, the Bamboo Warbler, Golden Winged sun bird, Scarlet tufted malachite Sun bird as well as Stuhlmann’s double collared olive back. There is also the Guinea Congo forest Biome species and 17 to be so exact and can be found in other birding sites in the country.

This national park is also one of the few UNESCO World heritage sites in East Africa and it’s located in Rwenzori Mountains in south western Uganda. The park also covers mainly of the central and eastern half of the Rwenzori mountains. The park was gazetted and established in 1991 and was named a UNESCO World heritage site in 1994 due to its natural beauty. The park also covers an area of 996nsq km and also stands at an altitude range of about 1700m to 5190m at the top of Margherita peak on Mount Stanley. This is mostly made up of Montane forest with the bamboo on the lower slopes as well as the afro alpine moorland as well as heath on the higher slopes.