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Climbing Mount Speke

Hiking Mount Speke

The climb of Mount Speke to Vittorio Emmanuel peak at 4, 890m without an alpine preparation is also not to be considered as easy. In case you are climbing in good weather conditions, it’s known as a trail at a high altitude, with some of the points so exposed with the rocks and the grass that often requires the use of hands. Mainly, there are some of the points where lots of attention is much needed. The 1st not so far from the Bujuku Hut which is 20m long rocky ramp , slightly stepped and blocked on top by the roots of the tree. It’s also much necessary to hike the roots of the trees with falling, since it’s dangerous. But in case of the rains, in order to be on a safe side and especially during the descent, it’s usually advisable to use the rope.


The second and critical point is rock crossing of the 3rd degree or more that is so exposed. The main advice for those that are not experts is to use a rope in the hike as well as in the descent, as you use certain projection of the rock on top of the crossing point. At the highest point of the trek is where the glaciers begin or it might be what remains of the glacier. It’s also easy to cross all of it and we don’t use a rope. We also didn’t see any crevasses, and it’s also advisable to carry with you the crampons and the ropes up to this point due to the changes in the conditions. After this glacier, there is also short walk through a small rocky surface that leads to the peak. And in case of the rain or snow, this trail can also be very challenging as the difficulties will also be increased. In these conditions, the use of a rope in the points should be a must for each and every one. Even in other parts of the trail should be considered with attention as it is very messy and could be so slippery.