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Rwenzori Mountains Climbing Routes

About the Rwenzori Routes

 There are mainly two routes into the great Rwenzori mountain. The Kilembe Route and the Circuit route. The Circult Route is managed by Rwenzori Mountaineering services and is a traditional and only established route into the mountain. As you approach the mountain from the east, it gives you access to Mt Stanley, Speke and Baker.

The Kilembe Route is also managed by Rwenzoris Trekking services and is much new being opened in 2009 and has got the longer trail that approaches the Rwenzori from the south. It’s also easy to visit Mt Stanley and Baker along this route as well as the Weismann’s peak which is also easy and the sub 5000m peak which can be completed in 6 days.

This route has got variety of advantages since it gives a good acclimatization profile, with fast climbing at the beginning of the trail, passing through the bamboo, rainforest and into the giant heather zone in the first two days and after leveling with the slower climb. You will also avoid some of the bad bog of the circuit Route.

Services that are provided by RTS along the Kilembe trail is so good as compared to that of Kilimanjaro. The accommodation facility is in the huts that are equipped with sleeping mats or the bunks as well as light mattresses.

There are also good light weight trekking options along the kilembe route that includes the short circuit trail with the option of climbing the Wesimann’s peak. This acan also be completed in less than a week and is also good for those who want to adventure the Rwenzoris.