Climbing Mount Baker

Mt Baker at 4843m


Mt Baker is also the mountain that most people who come to trek the rwenzori enclose during their hike through the range. This is also the highest massif within the range and is also named for Sir Samuel Baker 182 to 1893 who along with his wife, were also the first Europeans to view Lake Albert to the north of the Rwenzori and Murchison falls on the course of the Nile especially during an adventure to discover the source of the Nile.

Mount Baker Rwenzori

This mount also covers many peaks that include; Edward at 4843, Semper at 4794m, Moore at 4623m and Wollaston at 4626m. The first hike route and the normal means to arrive to the summit is up the south ridge of the peak. Many people start at the Kitandara lakes and then go up to the trails towards the fresh filed pass to where the trail levels out. Just from here, it’s likely to continue up the slopes past many small ponds to a small saddle in western side of the ridge. As we continue up to the west of the actual ridge line in order to reach the summit without ever stepping foot on the glaciers or snow.