Mount Luigi Di Savoia

Mount Luigi Di SavMount Luigi Di Sav


The peak was named for the famous Duke of Abruzzi in 1873 to 1933. Fatefully, it’s the only one of the six main massifs that he didn’t make the first climb of. That honor also went to the others in his adventure expedition. J Brocherel E. Botta as well as the great photographer V. Sella for whom was named after the highest summit of the Massif. The Duke of Abruzzi was also famous in mountaineering loops for making the first climb of Mt St, Elias in 1897, hiking high on k2 in the Karakoram and arriving the summit of Bride peak on the Chogalisa. His excursion to the Rwenzori hiked all the 6 of the highest massifs in the range. He was also a military hero as well and reused many of the Yugoslav refugees from Albenia during World War 1, and also spent his final years in Ethiopia and was so beloved.

The ridge like many others is also a long ridge with many other summits that include; the stairs peak at 4545m, Weismann peak at 4620m, and stella peak. The easiest route of the climb is from the area of fresh field pass, where it’s possible to hike up to the northern aspect of Stella peak to its summit. This is the shortest of the six central massifs and was the first to lose its glacial ice.