Rwenzori Peaks

About the Rwenzori peaks


Mount Stanley is also known as the highest mountain in the Rwenzoris ranges and also the third highest in Africa. It has also got 11 summits and the most hiked are the Margherita peak at 5, 109m and Alexandra at 4,990m. Margherita is also the most trekking peak and the approach does involve the crossing of two glaciers and a steep rock climb to the summit you need to be roped up throughout. Even though it’s lower on altitude, Margherita peak is also an outstanding option for those who have climbed Kilimanjaro and are also looking for something which is tougher or as an introduction to the technical climbing. See below our Margherita peak itinerary.

tour rwenzorisMt Stanley’s second peak, Alexandra, is also a technical rock climb for the experienced climbers only there are no staff from Gane and Marshall Staff have completed this climb and we cannot advise so directly on the route even though it follows the same approach as Margherita until the end.


Mt Baker – it’s the third highest mountain in the range. It’s an essential trekking peak, even though it’s a steep and exposed towards the summit and we ensure that all the clients are lashed during the climb. Up to no, it was necessary to climb Mount Baker with the support of snow and ice equipment, and due to the rapid departure of the Baker glacier crampons and the ice axe are no longer required. You can see our Mt Baker climb itinerary.


Due to their nearness, Stanley and Baker can easily be combined. The experienced climbers will sometimes hike both the peaks with in a single day even though we advise to allow an additional day in case adding Baker to a very standard Margherita peak which is 10 days in total to ensure you have time for both.


The Weismann’s peak is also a sub 5000m trekking peak that is accessible only via the Kilembe trail. We also offer it as a moderate, which is a light weight trek that is suitable for those without the time or the inclination to climb to one of the larger Rwenzori peaks. There is also no glacier on the Weismann and no need for the ropes or the technical equipment. On any clear day, the view from the top of the Weismann down to the Kachope Lake just below and Mount Stanley and Baker in the distance which is much beautiful. This route to Weismann’s peak from Kilembe and then back to 6 days.


The other famous peak peaks include Speke which is the highest mountain in the range. This route is also not as easily accessible from ‘the Kilembe route since it’s from the circuit route. Though it’s possible to include Speke with a hike of Baker or the Mragherita allow one or 2 or more extra days.