Uganda Mountains

Uganda is located in the East African region of Africa and is highly endowed with various natural features which attract a lot of tourists. Uganda has both volcanic and Block Mountains and these are located in the different parts of the country.

The Rwenzori ranges

The Rwenzori ranges commonly known by many as the Rwenzori Mountain by many has different mountains that are located in the area and I have explained them in detail below:

  • Mountain Stanley

Known to be the tallest mountain in Uganda, the mountain stands at a height of 5109 meters above sea level. The mountain has vast vegetation which is caused due to the heavy rains it receives throughout the year especially on the Eastern part of the mountain.

it is also surrounded by the Rwenzori National park which has various animals like the horseshoe bat, Rwenzori Turaco and the otter shrew and bird species that one can see as they hike up the mountain. The mountain also has a snow capped peak and as you tour the area, you will need to carry heavy clothes to avoid the constant cold in the area.

  • Mountain Gessi

Mountain Gessi is found in the Rwenzori region and it is one of the six mountains that make up the. Rwenzori range and it is located between the triangle which was formed by the Mountain Baker, Stanley and Speke. You will find trained local guides who will take you on a hike up the mountain Gessi and it has two peaks which are the Bottego rising to 15418 feet and the Iolanda which rises up to 15470 feet.

As you hike up the mountain, you will see several huts which are meant for resting purposes and these are highly maintained. The mountain rises to the north south ridge and it can also be accessed from Congo. The mountain is also a home to different animals like the bushbucks, blue monkeys and Colobus monkeys and the mountain is located in a protected area which makes it to be reserved for the wildlife.

  • Mountain Emin

Mountain Emin is located in the Rwenzori region and it was named after the explorer Mohammed Emin pasha and it is known to have rocky and narrow ridges and is found near mount Gessi. Emin has two peaks that is the kraepelin which is 15720 feet high and the Umberto which is 15740 feet high. The hike up the mountain starts from the Mugusu valley but the best route is from the south west ridge of the mountain.

  • Mountain Kiyanja or Stanley

Mountain Kiyanja is also known as mountain Baker and is located within the Rwenzori ranges and it is at a height of 15892 feet making it the third highest mountain in Uganda. The mountain has a snow capped peak and it was named after the explorer Sir Samuel Baker.

Mountain Kiyanja is found in area which is normally referred to as the mountain of the moon and very many visitors with the help of the trained tour guides climb up the mountain to get a feel of the snow and to also view the good scenery from above. As you hike up the mountain, make sure you get warm clothes since the weather changes drastically.

Mountain Moroto

Mountain Moroto is located in the Eastern part of Uganda in the semi arid areas of the karamojong region. It is known to be the highest mountain in the Eastern Uganda. The mountain is filled with caves and waterfalls that one should not miss when you visit the mountain and you can also get to hike up this ancient volcano.

The mountain is also surrounded by the reserve forest which has a wide range of wild animals and birds and it is also known as the 8th highest mountain in Africa.

Mountain Morungole

Mountain Morungole is located in the North Eastern part of Uganda near the southern border of the Kidepo valley in Kidepo National park. The mountain is also a home to the Narus and Kidepo River which cross it and into the park and these act as the main water sources to the wildlife that is found in the park.

The Mountain is 2750 meters above sea level and is very good for hiking since you will be able to see the different animals in the park from an upper view. It is also a home to one of the smallest ethnic groups in Uganda known as the IK and tourists can get a chance to see their unique culture.

Mountain Sabinyo

Mountain Sabinyo is a dormant volcano located in South Western Uganda within Mgahinga Gorilla National park. Sabinyo literally means old Mani teeth since the edges and peaks are spaced as an old man’s teeth. It is part of the Virunga Mountains and lies at the borders of three countries that is Uganda, DRC and Rwanda and it offers one of the best hiking experiences in Uganda with a height of 3645 meters above sea level.

Mountain kadam

Mountain kadam formally known Debasien during the colonial times is located in the Northern part of the country and is located in the north of the Elgon Mountain. The Kadam Mountain is 3063 meters above sea level and is one of the few untouched mountains in Uganda.

The mountain is good for hiking and is surrounded by different tribes due to its geographical location and these include the karamojongs, Badamas, pokot, sebei, Tepeth and Gishu and these are majorly agriculturalists. A hike up this precious mountain is guided by experienced local guides and if you want your luggage to be carried for you, there are potters available but you should note that the journey up the mountain starts on foot so it is best to pack appropriate shoes.

Mountain Elgon

Mountain Elgon is located in the Eastern part of Uganda and is at a height of 4321 meters high above sea level. It is an extinct volcano and is believed to have erupted over 24 million years ago and it has Wagagai as its highest peak. The Elgon Mountain is the fourth largest mountain in East Africa covering a range of 50 by 80 kilometers. The mountain has a caldera that collapsed and this covers 40 kilometers and is 4321 meters high above sea level.

The mountain is very good for hiking and is surrounded by the Mountain Elgon National park which has a mixture of the best flora and fauna in the area and it is surrounded by the Gishu and Sabin local people who live on the slopes of the Elgon.

There are very many activities that one can carry out when they visit the Elgon mountain and these include hiking up the mountain, birding where you will see the different bird species that habitate in the area, taking nature walks in the park, trekking the Sipi waterfalls which are one of the highly visited in Uganda, animal spotting in the park, cycling and kayaking, bungee jumping, you also get a chance to see the unique culture portrayed by the local people especially circumcision for both the women and men as they are initiated into adulthood and many more other activities. Although you should note that female circumcision has been banned in the county.

The best time to visit the Elgon Mountain is from December to March and June to August for those that love hiking although you can visit the Elgon Mountain any time of the year.

Mountain Muhabura

Mountain Muhabura also known as Muhavura is located in the western part of Uganda and stand at 4127 meters above sea level making it to be one of the highest in the Virunga Mountains. It is located at the border of Uganda and Rwanda and Congo and is found in the rift valley.

The name Muhabura literally means to guide in Rukiga and it can be seen and climbed from all the three mentioned countries. It is surrounded by a dense savannah vegetation that you can see as you hike. There are majorly two stops during the hike and these are above 3116 meters and 3885 meters respectively and that is why you need to be physically fit and not sick to make the hike up the Muhabura Mountain.

As you hike up the mountain, you will be able to see Crater Lake which is found at the summit and twin lakes which arw located in the neighboring Rwanda, the almost extinct mountain gorillas, the different bird species located on the area and other wild life animals found in the park.

It is advisable to use the Route of the gorilla trekking that is in Mountain Mgahinga National parks since it is much clear. And you will also be required to carry heavy clothes since the weather changes drastically especially during the rainy season, insect repellants and appropriate shoes or boots for proper hiking, food and water as it will be hard to get food once the hike starts.